What are the Profiles?

The Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success were created after a task force was appointed in 2017 to develop a consistent framework of learning outcomes for programs and courses. There are four Profiles: Communicator, Problem Solver, Innovator, and Community Contributor. 

Each of the Profiles provide you with numerous opportunities to deepen disciplinary understanding; prepare for a fulfilling career; and refine what it means to be a well-rounded, well-educated person ready to engage in lifelong learning. You will become acquainted with each of the Profiles while in general education courses, first-year experiences, and while progressing through your major coursework and co-curricular activities.

For faculty and staff

If you're looking to implement the Profiles in your curricular and co-curricular experiences, visit our faculty and staff resources section to find examples, mapping workshops, Profile graphics, and FAQ.

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