Community Contributor

Profile overview: Community Contributor

Community contributors are active and valued on the campus and in communities locally and globally. They are personally responsible, self-aware, civically engaged, and look outward to understand the needs of society and their environment. They are socially responsible, ethically oriented, and actively engaged in the work of building strong and inclusive communities, both local and global.

The community contributor:

Builds community

Community contributors are active participants in their communities. They are willing to contribute their talents and knowledge in ways that improve the world around them. They are respectful, inclusive, and have developed a civic identity.

  • Make informed and principled choices
  • Learn to recognize your own cultural rules and biases
  • Communicate effectively with others in a variety of settings
  • Build and connect local and global communities
  • Cultivate health and meaningful relationships
  • Adjust behaviors by applying previously understood information, concepts, and experiences to a new situation or setting


  • Learn to communicate ideas and beliefs in a clear and concise way to a variety of audiences


  • Join and participate regularly in a campus or community organization
  • Identify a cause or activity important to you and volunteer your time

Respectfully engages own and other cultures

Community contributors appreciate and seek to understand their own culture and society as well as the culture of others. Strong community members learn to navigate effectively in a complex world by working in a civil and collaborative manner with others.

  • Understand the diversity and universality of human experience
  • Engage others civilly and with respect
  • Understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of local and global communities
  • Recognize and appreciate cultural differences and initiate interactions with those who are culturally different


  • Take courses focused on a period of time, a religious tradition, a culture, or a language other than your own


  • Explore the art, music, or food of other cultural or ethnic communities
  • Live or work with others whose culture and traditions are different from your own

Behaves ethically

Community contributors develop a value-based code that directs their personal behavior and social interactions. They are aware of and respect the ethical conventions of local and global communities. They create the conditions for good ethical behavior by others.

  • Understand and articulate your personal values and beliefs
  • Advocate for your values and beliefs in a civil and respectful manner
  • Consider the consequences of your choices and actions
  • Make principled choices in your relationships with others
  • Understand and articulate the generally accepted ethical principles and legal systems in the communities in which you live and work
  • Understand the ethical principles of other cultures, societies, and environments
  • Exhibit respect for and preserve the dignity of others


  • Study the ethical systems of other cultures
  • Examine ethical dilemmas within your discipline


  • Live or work with others whose culture or legal systems are different from your own