In the Classroom

Engaged learning

Pursuing and completing several engaged learning opportunities is a great way to grow your Profiles—to be an effective communicator, an imaginative and creative innovator, a sound problem solver, and a civic-minded and civically engaged community contributor. Engaged learning is everywhere—internships, undergraduate research, service learning, learning communities, and study abroad and global learning. All of these experiences will help you to become an active learner and communicator, applying and linking what you learn in the classroom to innovate solutions to real-world problems and issues within your local and global community.

Common courses

First-year experiences

First-year experiences support your transition to college and help you begin to explore various learning opportunities.

General education courses

General education courses provide early foundational experiences that will be built upon by your disciplinary learning experiences.

Capstone courses

Your capstone course will will help you integrate your coursework and engaged learning experiences into a meaningful whole and prepare for the application of your learning.