Problem Solver Gracie Lyons

Gracie Lyons solves problems as a sustainability intern

Gracie Lyons came to IUPUI with dreams of one day becoming an occupational therapist. To set her on the right path, she knew she needed to find an opportunity at IUPUI that could help her build her skills, but she hoped the right opportunity would also match her interests. Then, in her sophomore year Gracie found her ‘best of both worlds’ in an internship position in the Office of Sustainability.

Gracie Lyons is a sophomore working on a bachelor's degree in psychology and has been an intern at the Office of Sustainability on campus for about seven months now.

“I was just looking for ways to get involved on the IUPUI campus when I came across the internship,” Lyons said. “They were describing the possibility to create a guide for green travel, and that's what caught my eye about it because I have traveled in a study abroad program before, so I thought that it was perfect to find my place and find friends who had similar interests.”

After studying abroad in France and Germany during her time in high school, Lyons realized she had a passion for travel and was able to combine that with her passions for sustainability at her internship.

“In the Office of Sustainability, we really work on creating a community who wants to go forth as a lifelong learner to create solutions for climate change,” Lyons said.

Shenan Kroupa, a professor of life span development, and Jessica Davis, the director of IUPUI Sustainability, have both been mentors to Lyons during her time at IUPUI. Lyons is currently a teacher’s assistant for Kroupa and works with Davis at the Office of Sustainability.

“Shenan Kroupa is one of the first professors that I had where I felt really cared about,” Lyons said. “She made it feel as if every student really mattered to her, and Jessica Davis, who is a professor and one of the important people at the Office of Sustainability, has really guided my research and been that mentor for me.”

Lyons hopes to use the skills picked up from her experiential learning experience in the Office of Sustainability for her future career.

“I want to be an occupational therapist, so a really big integral part of that is finding creative solutions,” Lyons said. “A lot of the time when I'm researching stuff, I have to find the roundabout way to figuring out the solution.”

It's really about sticking with it, even though times get tough, or you find a problem that might be particularly hard to overcome, just keep on going at it and finding new perspectives

Gracie Lyons