Communicator Lacey Smith

Lacey Smith builds relationships in the Office of Student Employment

Photographer. Videographer. Podcaster. Social Media Manager. To most, that may sound like four different positions, but for Lacey Smith, those four roles are daily ‘hats’ she puts on to fulfill her role as the Media Production and Marketing Intern in the Office of Student Employment.

Senior communications student, Lacey Smith, was originally hired to run the front desk at the office, but her interest in social media and skills with design were soon discovered and put to good use once there was an opening.

“It turns out that the guy that had my position beforehand recommended that I take it, so it kind of just got it handed to me,” Smith said.

Her responsibilities include running social media accounts, taking headshots, filming video projects as needed, and hosting and editing the OSE Learning and Earning podcast.

“Doing the podcast has really shown me that I love podcasting and I love editing and recording them,” Smith said. "I wouldn't mind branching out and doing something like that in my future — not hosting one, I already have a personal one, but just working with other people to produce theirs would be really cool.”

Smith shared that the best part of her internship has been getting to see the growth of the OSE Learning and Earning podcast.

“I'm able to see that I've managed to increase the views all on my own,” Smith said. “That's the one thing that I have that's on my own, so I would say that's the best part. But also, I think just as a student, that convenience of having a position on campus but something that's related to what you enjoy that's also pretty good part of it.”

I go out and work with a lot of different students, whether it's filming a video or recording for the podcast

Lacey Smith